The International Center for Compassionate Organizations is made up of people from all over the world dedicated to fostering cultures of compassion in government, business, schools, faith groups, colleges and universities, healthcare systems, the arts, service agencies, and other organizations. Join us — help make compassion a living presence everywhere.  
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New on-site compassion courses

The International Center has developed five new on-site certificate courses covering leadership, power management, trust leader, advanced mediation, and violence reduction. These are evidence-based multimedia programs that have real-world applications.

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New compassionate leadership books coming

COMING SOON: Two new books on compassionate leadership — Advanced Negotiation: The NEW Art of War and Putting the power of compassionate engagement to work in Healthcare. These brief guides provide researched, practical, and innovate ways to lead.

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CompassionCloud online reporting systems

The International Center for Compassionate Organizations now offers two online tools that can help reduce workplace incivility, discord, and anxiety as well as promote compassionate action in businesses, schools, government, universities, and other workplaces.

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The International Center for Compassionate Organizations is a nonprofit organization working to foster the value and practice of compassion in organizations worldwide.
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